Lucid Brain
                                     Promotion of concentration, observation, memory and intelligence
This game promotes the memory assets, the concentration, the observation, developed the intelligence and prevent a to fast become obsolete of the brain cells.
This game is recommended for adults, young people and children.
Bei adults prevent a to fast become obsolete of the brain cells , increases the concentration and the memory.
By young people and childrens helps in the development of the visual look capacity, learn to concentrate, developed the intelligence and the observation.
Key features:
  • 30 Level
  • Intelligent self-adjustement of the observation time
  • Settings of Icons and Backgrounds
  • Icons for children and adults
  • Background: There are 18 different backgrounds available
  • Storage of results

Remember the numbers and / or letters to ascending sequence.
When  the numbers and / or letters are covered, the icons must be pressed after the ascending sequence.
If the level ended without errors your receive additional life.
With numbers and letters, you have to press the numbers first.